Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the other thing I do to help you enjoy your life.

Thai Yoga Bodywork is what I do. It is my passion I have been taught by Michael Buck.  Here is my Guru's explanation in his words.  Please read it and call me to have it! (908) 692-2257

Nuad Borarn (Vedic Thai Massage-Assisted Yoga) is viewed as a martial art of healing and is reported to manifest instant positive results. In Thailand, Bodywork is utilized medicinally as a cherished and revered indulgence to remedy the prominent social ailments such as emotional stress and physical inertia. Thai-Yoga sessions inspire the soul and tranquilize the body.

Customarily, a Thai-Yoga session lasts about 2 hours, during which there is a surrendering release which allows deeper and deeper physical and mental ‘openings’. Flowing rhythmic compressions using the feet, knees, palms, elbows, forearms and fingers are blended with exotic stretching positions known asasanas and disciplined breath control known as pranayama, effectively producing a balanced and harmonious symbiotic communication integrating the body’s vital systems, including mechanical- musculoskeletal, electrical-neural, chemical-glandular.

"Vedic Thai Massage - Assisted Yoga is love. It is a sacred offering, a conscious contribution to self-realization and soul revelation, the goal and purpose of life. With deliberate and skillful intentions of joyful communication, Thai-Yoga massage produces profound pleasure and inspiring tranquility physically and psychologically by replacing old, restricted energy patterns within the body/spirit. Socially revered as a medical folk art, it is commonly reported to revitalize and balance cerebral (emotional) and somatic (physical) ailments instantly. This dignified and communally-cherished art parallels in sophistication results obtained by other modern medical options. Aesthetically pleasing and highly recommended, Thai-Yoga bodywork enhances the quality of living by opening congested chakras (dormant reservoirs of bio-spiritual power) and clearing nadis (electro-magnetic meridian pathways), Nuad Borarn is one of the Original Matriarchs of healing. Its distinction is true in its value of producing dynamic well-being and serenity." -Michael Buck  

Monday, January 3, 2011

When giving up is good

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
- Eleanor Roosevelt

Some how seeing this quote makes us want to do something.  It's evoking you to think or do something that perhaps you did not remember you could do.  But doing is not always productive.  What I am trying to say is, sometime we push too hard to get something that we really want only to find we can't get it.  Why is that?  You work and work and try and still it does not happen.  Answer - Because you are chasing it.  If you work and work and find the work hard and struggle and fight to get something you really really want and don't get it, stop trying.  Oh by all means keep wanting it and dreaming about it but give up trying for a while.  Let go of "it" and give yourself a break from "trying".  Allow the Law of Attraction to bring it or someone who can help you get it to you.  Every time I go through this struggle (because I am a very driven person) I remember to let go for a period of time or give up on getting it, and then, Viola!  It appears within reach.  The thing I was dreaming of and struggling for and fighting for.  I thought the more I push the closer I would get to achieving it.  But no! No I would not be mine.  Whatever I was pushing for would go to someone else!  I felt defeated and unimportant because I did not get it.  Then I carried this resentment for years as proof that I could not achieve my g oal. In that moment I gave up, and sure enough in time I got what I wanted.

Ask for what you want.  Work for what you want, but don't struggle and fight.  Allow things to come in their good time.  Have Faith and be happy for where you are now.  Give thanks for what you have achieved at this moment.  Give thanks for your Family, Friends and money in your life right now.  Be happy for today and keep your goals and dreams in the forefront of your mind.  It will come in it's time.

Be well

Friday, December 31, 2010

the celebration is over. What now?

As Christmas draws to a close, take time to reflect on what we have, what we've done, and who we have been over the past 12 months.  Each year I take a moment after the holiday's and check my behavior and attitude to see what kind of person I am.  Am I the kind of person I would like to be with?  Have I done what I wanted to do this past year?  If not, then set out to doing it in the New Year.

What is important to me is giving of myself time and money wise.  Being available personally to my family and friends and taking care of my clients as best I can.  This year I have accomplished most of what I wanted in my life. (With my work not so much)  However, in my time this year I have been able to use all of my powers of love and devotion to heal and be healed.  Not healing like Jesus for those of you who are "Christians" but heal like emotional, mental, loving healing.  To further that I wish to volunteer my free time to help a bigger cause.  I am working on that now.  We will see how it turns out.

What kind of person are you?  Answer that for yourself to see who you really are.  Do you like who you really are?  Change is possible.

Liking who I really am,

Suzanne Paquette, Life Coach, Reiki Master, Mentor

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tao words of wisdom I follow every day.

Fill your bowl to the brim
and it will spill.
Keep sharpening your knife
and it will blunt.
Chase after money and security
and your heart will never unclench.
Care about people's approval
and you will be their prisoner.

Do your work, then step back.
The only path to serenity.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

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Love and Light

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I don't want to hear it

"I don't want to hear it" I cannot tell you how much I have said this over the last 25 years. Wether to my kids, my husband or to total strangers who feel free to come right out and tell you what they think. I must say it at least twice a day. It seems as though it may be coming true. My "hearing" is off. I hear selectively now. My boyfriend is dumbfounded as to how I can hear my dog make a small squeak from the kitchen, but I cannot hear my Daughter who is sitting right next to me. I gotta wonder too. If I tell myself something often enough will it be true?

Perhaps I should tell my self that I am gorgeous. Maybe then I will believe it. Or I should tell myself that I am the richest woman in NJ. Perhaps that will come to be true as well. Because I am constantly telling myself that I am broke, or over weight, they seem to have come to be true. Really what I have to do more is take my own advise and stay positive. Tell my self that I am beautiful. That I can afford whatever I choose. Then finally it will come true. You might want to do the same.

Remember to tell yourself that you are Smart, good looking, capable, strong and can afford what you choose to spend money on. Then that will be your reality. Talking about what you don't want will perpetuate more of the same. So today I say "Let me hear it" Let me hear all the good things that will make me a better person.

I am taking my own advice.
Suzanne Paquette
the richest woman in NJ

Monday, October 11, 2010

I don't want to get up in the morning

I feel so lucky or blessed to live this life of mine that I can't really complain about things. I hear my self complain and I stop and say "Well remember how it used to be?"
Then I hear my kids say "Ugh I do not want to get up." I do realize it's just an expression, but still I want to tell them "This is the good life."

I don't want to work anymore either. Truth. I want to stay home and be a house keeper. Never thought I would say that. Ugh! I love my work as a Massage Therapist. I more so love my work as a Mentor. But it's easy to just stay home. My point is, once we get going in our day, we have focus, a schedule and more of the ability to get things done. If you had no outside schedule to focus you, would you be productive? Enjoy what life you have here and now. We have such little time on this planet. Even when I am at the school helping the kids in the lunch room. I see my part in their young lives. If I smile they smile too. If I am grouchy, they look away, to avoid the feeling. So I try to smile and say hello to every child. When I am at Sense-Abilities practicing Massage, I smile as much as possible. I is a place of unwinding, of relaxation and peace. I have learned that life can be a lot worse. Each day I wake up, is a new chance to make a better life. Especially if I have someone who is making an effort to smile at me. Even though they, most likely, did not want to get up. By not taking the Easy way out, I have a rich full life. By not taking the Easy way out, I have people I talk with and friends at work to chat with. I have clients who also are a pleasure to converse with. They leave the spa feeling good and that makes me feel good. Life is hard sometimes. But mostly it's a good life.

Be grateful for every bill, every morning, and every penny. It is a new opportunity each time you see them.